Friday, January 19, 2018
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Make It Lovely

    I’ve always been a lover of books, I love everything about it especially how it can make you smile, laugh, cry and most of the time, makes you feel inspired. I love books and reading it but the story that had always touched my heart are books that tackles mental illness, depression and suicide.

    “All the bright places” which is one of my favorite books tackles about bipolar disorder and this book has taught me a valuable lesson that I will forever carry in my life, I learned that there are battles that we cannot win no matter how many soldiers and guns we have. I’ve always thought that suicide is a stupid thing to do but when you try to understand where they’re coming from, you will realize that no matter what they do, no matter how strong they want to become, no matter how tall and unbreakable the walls they’ve build around themselves if the battle is inside them, none of it will ever matter.

    I was inspired to write this article after watching the Netflix series “13 reasons why”, a story about a girl named Hannah Baker who committed suicide and detailing in a tape why she did it. Reading and watching materials that tackles about suicide helped me realize and understand a lot of things. It helped me understand more what’s happening and with that I will never judge a person who will take their own lives. I am not saying that taking your own life is the right thing to do because there is always a hope in life but I will always put into mind that there is also a reason behind that decision and we can never understand it because we’re not the one feeling it and we’re not the one who’s thinking about it. We will know how it feels when we experience it, when we hear the voices talking inside their heads that’s when we know how hard the battle they’re fighting is. I hope that we can make this world a lovely place, a place where suicide will never be an option, a place where depression and war with your own brain doesn’t exist. I hope we can live in a place where there’s no stigma surrounding depression and mental illness. Isn’t it a lovely place to live in? Shouldn’t all the places here on Earth be a bright place to live in? Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world full of hope, compassion and love? I wonder if I will experience that kind of world in my lifetime.



Marissa Tarun is a 20 year-old BS Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate of Far Eastern University-Manila. She loves reading, cooking and listening to music. She aspires to travel the world and publish her own book someday.

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