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Why do we need to consult a dentist? : My dental experience

One way or another some people think that going to a dentist is expensive. This is wrong!

Having a dental check up is free. If you do not have enough resources you can go to your local government unit on ways you can avail a free one.

When I was a kid my Inay and Tatay (Mother and Father), asked me to go to a dentist for tooth extraction. Their intention is not for my teeth to be healthy but to remove it.

My parents didn’t used to teach us how to brush my teeth which result of having bad teeth. But thanks to technology, I am having a better smile and looking.

Here is my story how I become conscious with my teeth. During my time working in a bank as an IT head, I have worst teeth ever. My front tooth moved forward. I looked like always frowning. I had less confidence. Since my parent didn’t teach me how to take care of my teeth, I decided to visit a dentist.

My first cleaning was devastating. My dentist told my cousin (My cousin referred me to my dentist) that it’s the worst teeth she cleaned… Hahaha. My first teeth cleaning were when I was 22 years old. But I was thankful to that.

Back then, I do not have enough money to have my braces. By that time braces are very well known for Filipinos. It costs 30K to 40K in Philippine peso. So I decided to consult to a dentist. She offered an adjustable retainer. After a year and a half, my teeth become ok but it’s moving on the right side. The first problem resolved.

So I asked another dentist whose clinic is near in our office that was way back 2010. The findings were terrible. She told me that I should not wear the retainer which made my gums worst. She advised me to have my braces.

After series of treatments and x-rays, I got my first braces. I feel that I am look like a celebrity. I have a wide smile and a good accent. In the Philippines, if you have a brace everyone feels that you are rich and kind of socialized one.

As my braces had been adjusted for a longer time. Something worst happened on my gums. My teeth are moving downward. So my dentist advised me to consult a periodontist. A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease such as gum disease, and in the placement of dental implants.

So when I went to my perio in the Philippines, she  advised me for a gum treatment which cost 32,000. By that time I do noy have enough savings. So my dentist decided to have cleaning regularly.

After 2 years, I decided to leave Philippines and go here in Singapore to be a globally competitive IT. At this point of time, my dentist decided that I need to remove my braces as it will affect my gums.

 For just a short period of time, I got my job in Singapore in one of the top MNC where I got my dental insurance. At first, I always go to my dentist for cleaning. Then after two years she advised me to have a treatment with a periodontist. Though the cost is quite expensive and my goal is not to remove my teeth, then I go for it and got my first gum treatment ever.

January 21, 2017 was when I got my first dental check up for my gums in Singapore. During my consultation, I am so amazed with the fast and efficient technology. By the way I was late that time but Dr. Tram accepted me and did some x-rays and checking that lasted for more than an hour. She advised me for a deep cleaning and I need to bring my toothbrush and dental floss.

January 31 was when I came back for the treatment together with my toothbrush and dental floss. She did the numbness at first. This is painful. I got four injections. Huh! While waiting for the total numbness on my left lower part teeth, she asked me to show her my floss and toothbrush. During the checking on my floss, we found a lot of molds unto it. This is quite disgusting! She wants to clean it but I told her that I decided to buy a new one. After that, she taught me how to clean my teeth. At first I show her how I brush my teeth using the upside down. But the right one should be 45 degrees in a round manner (see photo below).  This way should touch the part of your teeth and gums. It will also a better way to massage your gums while brushing. She told me to use Oral B. After the training on how to brush my teeth, I proceed with the gum treatment. Though my left face is so numb, I still feel on how the tools touch my teeth. It’s itchy and relaxing.

Above photo shows the right way to brush our teeth. photo by http://sodental.com.au

 After that Dr. Tram showed me the sub gingival calculus deposits. The treatment is awesome and world class. I also met some Filipinos who are working as receptionist. Their smile and warm welcome makes me proud that we Filipinos are born world class hospitality.

For you to have a better smile and healthier teeth and gums, I advise you to always have a visit to your dentist at least twice a year. Though we do are best in our teeth but not at all we clean it perfectly.

If you learn something from this article, kindly share in social media so that others will be blessed and learn from it. Have a happy smile!

Here are my photos with my dentist here in Singapore.

Dr. Tram – My periodontist at Q & M Dental Clinic, City Square Mall, Singapore

My photo while waiting.

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