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Mindfulness: A Guide to a Focus Life

Focus Mind enables your way to be successful in Life.

We all know that mind is powerful. It is the source of our decisions and wisdom. It is the primary source of our communication with ourselves, with other people and with God.

The question is how you pay attention of your living.

Are you a sleepwalker or a daydreamer?

Let me explain you sleepwalker and daydreamer.

Sleepwalker are persons who normally alive but they are sleeping every hour of their day job. Why? They are alive but their mind is wandering; same as daydremear. They are dreaming always. It’s ok to take moment with yourself. Meaning you are planning for your life. But then if you are doing something productive like in your work, you should stay focus.

In church, how many times our mind is thinking? In seminars and meetings, how many times we are thinking of something and not paying attention to speaker. Added to that is if you are talking to someone. Do you really pay attention or you are much eager to talk. You normally not listening but you are very eager to without paying attention as a receiver of the information. Because we do not give attention to digest and understand first the giver of the information, some of us are not open. And always based our opinion without giving understanding what the person is talking about.

Normally in our work, we are all in a hurry to read emails, process something, and do your stuff without proper checking. And sometimes our mind is wandering which tends us to commit mistake or failed to deliver of our internal or external customer.


How we can solve this issue? Though mindfulness!

Mindfulness is not connected to religion. But some other people connect this with Buddism. It was primarily practice in ancient history and at present it is being adopt my different well-known companies such as Google and Apple. It is a skill of paying attention to present moment. It makes you calm and creates clarity in your mind in making decisions.

As a future leaders and entrepreneur who will handle people, mindfulness is something you can acquire and practice to have a better decision.

Don’t you know that mindful people are more optimistic and live a happy life? One good example of is Bill Gates. But before he became a mindful person, he devoted his time to learn this skill for over a year and a half.

Part of the Mindfulness Approach I studied is the Do-Learn-Grow Approach. It is a good way to have a better life according to Dr. Ang Yong Guan, award winning psychiatrist in Singapore. Under Do, we appreciate our self (personality, strengths, weakness). We accept (Learn) what we cannot change and we adapt (Grow) to our Self, Others, and our Roles accordingly.

Let’s do the Mindfulness.

One is the 5 finger mindfulness. When we are facing a problem, we can do 5 deep breaths holding 2 to 3 seconds for each breath. This will allow the air to enter into our brain and it allows us time to reflect rather than to react.

Normally, we always react right? If there is a bad news our normal reaction is to get mad and be irritated of the new. Wherein that negative emotions eat up our energy.

Second is opening our five fingers. When you open it you will observe that all the fingers are different. We will realize that there is no perfect individual, no one size fits all. With this you can be optimistic and positive instead of narrow and negative.

Next is “everything and everybody has two sides”. You can practice it by looking in your finger by closing your forefinger, middle finger and ring finger while the thumb and little finger is open. The thumb is positive and the little finger is negative. Always look on the bigger thumb and less on little finger. For every situation even the darkest or deepest trouble there is always a good side. Always focus on the good things and not on bad things.

Last is “living in the present”. Present is a gift, relax and enjoy. Your past cannot be changed just accept and don’t ever regret. That was part of our life history. When we look on our future, be hopeful. Plan and do not worry.

To learn more on Do Learn Grow: Living Mindfully, you can email Dr. Ang Yong Guan using email address.

Life is beautiful and wonderful. It is full of surprises and amazing things with lots of possibilities.

Stay Focus… Stay Positive….

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