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Declutter the Clutter: A Better Way to Have a Healthy Social Media

Majority of people nowadays are hook using various social media accounts. First comes first in the morning we do is to check our accounts. Or even when we are idle, or when we are riding a bus, MRT, taxi or any public utility vehicle.

But sometimes we are not aware of the effects of using it.

Do you experience mind pollution using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account? Is it making you confuse of which is right and which one is wrong? Do you get frustrated, envy, lonely, empty, and fearful? I also have that thoughts and negativity before. But now, when I step my faith I became stronger. I can easily manage and be accountable on what is written over the internet. I called it declutter.

Declutter means remove unnecessary items from (an untidy or overcrowded place).

That means you can remove unnecessary mess on what you read, you interact, and what other things you put in social media.

You always have a choice in life. God gave us the free will for deciding of what you think you can do. But the choice is given to us. Like Adam and Eve when they ate the forbidden fruit, God gave them a choice on which sin started.

Let’s go back to declutter the clutter on how we need to remove messiness of social media without deleting the app or deactivating your account.

But before that; let’s check first the following questions.

What is your main objective using social media? It is to impress and be proud? Is it hungry of information to what is going on and gossip with other friends? Is it joining conversations in the news posted? Is it judging what others have been posted?

Or on the other hand, you want to influence others. You want to encourage and uplift lives. You want to promote your products or services. You want to share your talents using videos.

Actually, I have been into debate using social media before. I am so excited of what other people post. Then I am hungry with some unnecessary information which cannot be use in my life purpose.

As I assess my life goals, I decided to have a healthy social media. This will make me see how good the world is and how beautiful life is.

To be able for me to create a healthier social media, here is my top 5 list.

1.) Unfollow friend/Unfriend – Unfollowing friend does not mean you hate or you dislike her. That only means you are keeping out your eyes and mind into negative post.

Before, I have so many friends which I really do not know them (because I am friendly person :)). I added if I have a mutual friend. But now since I do not have personal relationship with them, I unfriended them. Social media is not about how many friends you have. It’s all about reaching people whom you want to have a good relationship.

2.) Unfollow News Websites – Aside from unfollowing and unfriending friends you have also choice to choose which websites you need to follow. Don’t you know that negative news can affect your emotions and behaviors? If there would be plane that crushed, you become afraid of traveling. If you watch news that a kid has been raped you become worried of your kids too.  If there’s news about a car accident, it tends you to be afraid to drive. I suggested unfollowing sites that make your life burden.

3.) Unfollow Pages with Obscene Photos – As a man normally, I follow sexy pages because I am human. Then, I ask myself. Do I really need this? Am I in this world for fantasy and illusion?  The choice is yours. I recommend choosing post which you can get something good and appreciative.

4.) Post Photos and Status in a Positive Way – Not because someone posted they are eating in a luxury hotel, and then you intend to post the same way? If you feel a negative emotion, you shout and curse people. If you got a problem you shout to the world about what is happening in your life. Life is not all about that. You are just showing to your enemies that you are affected. Your post should reflect of who you are. Let’s make a better living by inspiring others and not your rant. Do not expose yourself much, coz at the end of the day you show to the world a personal problem on which the world are not merely interested unto it. Your rant, complain, and problem can only be solve by you. Instead of posting to your timeline, just talk to someone. By this you help yourself and you release any anger you have in a more meaningful way.

5.) Do not expose too much of your body – Yes, everyone wants to see how sexy, handsome, and beautiful you are. But too much post where you are teasing others is not good. I know how you admire yourself but please don’t post photos with nudity and too much exposure. God created everything for good. Make your intention be good.

There are many things you can improve in your social media account. An improvement should always be better and not worst.

Little improvement can make you a better person. A small change will be bigger when you do it little by little. Start it now.

From there you will grow and be a better person.

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