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Contentment is a key to Happiness

One of the keys that I saw to make a person happy is contentment.

Contentment means you are happy of what you have. Having a heart that tells you that everything is enough!

Normally people work to earn money and to live. But as time goes by, human wants more more and more. This pushes us be stress and be in chaos.

When iphone 7 has launched, most people queue so that they will be the one who got it. Some of day lend some money or pay it in staggered basis. Then they work work and work just to pay for it.

The question is do they really need that gadget?

Primarily we use our phone to call and to send a SMS. But revolutionarily, those smart phones provide convenience to almost everything in our life. Yes, we can play games, book a ticket, play music and video, take photos, enjoy social media such as Facebook, twitter, and instagram, send an email and a lot of more.

Another thing, we always tried to please other people.

Once our neighbourhood buy new appliances we buy also. When we saw a car, then we dreamed to have one also. When their son or daughter studied in an exclusive school, we pushed to have an education for our love ones also. Have you tried to assess first your objective? It should be the education and purpose not the school.

Remember that a lot of successful people did not graduate from college. Those were Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and a lot of more.

Do you know what they have in common? Passion and Contentment!

Have you seen Mark Zuckerberg? Most of the time he just wearing a grey shirt;  and that is simplicity and contentment.

Below are the 5 lessons I learned being contended of what I have.

1.) Happiness comes from within and not from the material things of the world. As I grow now with what I want in life, for me… love from God, from family, and from my selected few friends is enough. Because I know deep inside of me is hidden treasure of abundance of goodness and love. And it is also present in your life. All you have to do is to discover and feel it.

2.) Love your work no matter what. Yes love your work not because you want to earn money but because you enjoy what you are doing. Money will follow once you appreciate what you can give to your company and what you can give to others. That is precious! You always have excitement and joy because you have the passion. At the end of the day, you have a very cheerful smile that you did something great and you got the accomplishment.

3.) Be cool in your family. Family is family whatever really happened in your life. Most of the time we always look on our neighbor and other people. I advise you to look what your family have. Look on the goodness of your family. Look on your eyes that reflects your father and mother’s love. Look in the eyes of your child which bear the love of yourself and your spouse. Make your family cool in such a way that treat everyone as a friend and from there peace and happiness will arise.

4.) Be thankful of the food you eat. Be blessed that you have the food in your table. There are a lot of people who do not have food. Be thankful!

5.) Be faithful in a relationship. There is no perfect relationship. Even the one who are married for 25 years, still they have a struggle. One thing you should maintain is accepting all the weaknesses of your wife or husband or partner. Then focus on the strength of your relationship. This will build a foundation to prosper the love between the two of you. There would be temptations and trials as we are in a fallen world. But I would encourage to be stick to one. More and more relationships would be just resulted in depression and unhappiness.

Peace is a product of contentment. Contentment living shows a positive outlook in life. No stress, no war, no struggle, no striving.

 Focus on what you have and not on what you have. Because when you just look into yourself, a lot of things are within. The more you look on some little things into your life, the more you will determine that you have more that what others have.

Little by little the small appreciation of what you have will result in abundance. Your life started in assessing your asset in life. You cannot find all those things around you. Real asset of your life is you. And life is all about you. Life is not about you surroundings its all about how you share your life with others and do something in this world. Your life has a purpose, be contented of what you have and share something to others. Remember you do not need to be rich to help others, you just have the heart and a helping hands.

Let us make this world a better place to live. Share this and be blessings to others.

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