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Better mind leads to a better life

Our mind is a powerful part of our body in order to have a better life. Everything starts with our mind. To be able to make this perform well we need to be cautious of what we entered and what we need to interpret.

A healthy mind lead to a better life… a better you.

There are many experiences we have every day. It all starts when you wake up, preparing your breakfast, going to work, enjoying your work, communication with other people, and a lot of more.

Once you experienced, it will be stored into your memory. This portion is the most crucial part which will make your right living. This will be the basis of your future decisions or will cause you of fear, doubt, and worries.

Still at the end of the day, you are the one who is responsible of how manage your thoughts and process it. It is your choice to store good or bad memories and delete it.

Like in our life, God gave us the choice. This is to be good or to be bad. Similar with our thoughts, we can keep it or let it go.

Good thoughts leads to optimistic way of living while bad thoughts can lead you to a negative and dark journey in your life.

On my previous article, I mentioned to you how I was a worrier. I always anxious of anything. Fears are always there. This resulted me to a depression which lasted for 4 months.

Depression is something that I haven’t think will happen to me. With my jolly and friendly personality, my family and some of my friends didn’t know that I experienced this. It’s too dark and painful. I almost want to die that time. But God saved me and gave the light that I need.

I tried to follow majority of the blogs I read. But it doesn’t work. I go out and mingle with other people, do some volunteerism, communicate with my family in the Philippines, eat with my friends, and a lot of more, but seems doesn’t work perfectly. So, I consulted to a professional because I cannot contain the loneliness.

I found out that evil exist. And according to my doctor, those who seek God and go to church didn’t come back anymore and that is going deeper into Spiritual wellness. With the bulb in my head, I flash back all the mistakes that I did in the past.

Since, my goal is to renew my mind, I tried to look for the best Christian Church in Singapore. My two previous churches I attended were so traditional but when I entered in New Creation Church some of the questions on my mind that I learned online has been revealed and love of God that is through Jesus Christ makes my life better today.

Below are the things that I learned as I am transformed by God’s faith, not my own but His mighty and supernatural power. That transformation leads me to think very optimistic even bad things happen. I also learn how to be resilient (I am mastering this now.)

1.) Read the Bible everyday

Reading the bible, makes my spirit alive and strong. For some opinions online, they said that Bible is just an ordinary book and it is made by man. Those are false! Those are God’s breath. We cannot see Him but He can see us. He created us for a good purpose. All of what is happening in life and how I can handle it are all written on that book. That is why I believe that it is a book of all books. Most of the time, I always consult in the Bible and not the opinion of the people around me. Why? Because being human being, all of us are perfectly imperfect created by a perfect God.

2.) Read self-empowerment books

Reading Self-empowerment or self-help books is my past time. You can relate on how other authors succeeded in life. You can also learn new techniques to them. From there, little by little, I am building my strong foundation of myself and having  a balance life.

3.) Watch and hear Pastor’s preach regularly.

Before I sleep every night, except on so busy schedule, I make it sure to hear preach from our own pastor, Joseph Prince. I bought some CDs and DVDs of his preaching. Moreover I follow Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, and BO Sanchez in social media. This make my whole day refresh with good news and a  better way to store good memories. It is also a way of how I live in a mindful way.

4.) Follow Bill Gates Facebook Page

The highest optimistic views in life that I ever heard is from Bill Gates. That is why I follow his Facebook Page.  He is so vibrant and has the better way of looking in our world. Actually my heart is rejoicing because, I am advocate of making this world a better place to live. When I read his goal and transformation he is doing to make every sickness to fall into zero, it keeps me push to make a better life for the kids and to care for the environment in the Philippines… dreaming to extend help worldwide as well.

Bill Gates views in life make him stand out from Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs put his heart so much in his company and tend to neglect of taking care of his body. Though he said that even if you are rich and get the best doctor, your death bed is the most expensive in the world. True enough!

5.) Be Mindful

Being mindful is one of the best practices I have applied (still pursuing to be expert of being mindful). This is the best way to live life at present. This also eliminate trash in my mind including unwanted thoughts. Actually, I studied for two months in Mindfulness Meditation to improve the way I think. Reading “Search Inside Yourself book” also helps on how to live in the present. There are many exercises on the that book on how you improve the way you think and the way you will make your life happy.

Above suggestions are based on my experiences. I tried to change myself and do other improvements but I failed. But one thing that I’ve done that totally changed me is putting God’s first by reading the Bible. After that, every applications on the books that I am reading now makes it easier for me to apply.

There is no such thing as shortcut, you need to take a small steps. Then little by little that small steps can lead you to a big one. Like having a clear and a better mind, a small effort will result a big impact on how you will attain a better mind.

Like in a computer operation, “Garbage In, Garbage Out”.  If you put garbage into your mind, then the output is garbage. But feed your mind with goodness and goodness will follow unto you.

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