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Hello! This is better and free personal development blog which aims to share part of so many personal development blog site over the world.

Personal development is a lifelong process. For you to be successful you need to maximize your full potential by assessing your skills, talents, gifts, and qualities you possess.

We believe that everyone of us who live in this world aims to be best. For us, everyday is a learning process on which we need to be better. Meaning we should always have space for improvement… Otherwise you are so much perfect. But we are perfectly imperfect. No one is exempted. All of us are human and all of us are equally created by God. So better and free is all about making ourselves better and having us free from any bad habits in life. This is a way we can cultivate what gifts or talents we have.

What make this site different?

• The man behind this blog is a Filipino. He will reveal his name soon. (This is part of why you should always visit this site! 🙂 )
• This site will cater the primary needs of a human which are the following:

o Spiritual
o Physical
o Mental
o Emotional
o Financial
o Occupational
o Social

Purpose and Objective Better and Free

• To provide happiness and motivation in life
• To help every person to discover your inner most desire
• To help humanity to improve lives
• To help lessen suicidal rate in the world.
• To touch every life with compassion
• To impart people to live better everyday and discovering your freedom from bad habits and any negativity of this world
• To address that life is more on pursuing your passion primarily before money.
• To emphasize volunteerism and sharing to make this world a better place to live.
• To personally share our experiences and on how to overcome our weaknesses and learn from all our failures in life
• To share books that we read and how those leaves of wisdom can change our lives.
• To improve different areas in our life such as business, relationships, travels, and a lot of more regarding one’s own desire.

Founder Belief

I am a Christian. So most of the time, I will use God or Highest being in my articles. This is one way on how I can return back to God all his goodness to me during my tough times.

About the Author

He is from Philippines as what mentioned above. He completed his Master of Information Systems (MIS) from University of the Philippines Open University and finished his university degree in Batangas State University where he took up Bachelor of Science in Information Management. Currently, he is working as a Business Intelligence Analyst in one of MNC companies in Singapore.

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