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A Better View of This World

Majority of us see this world based on what we see in one side only; judging a person based on a half face without understanding of who is he or she.

Like for example, some of the news over internet, radio stations, TV stations and other media platforms are so garbage in a sense that will not really help us to uplift goodness, kindness, and how this world is still a better place to live. Massive killings, problems in any part of this world and a lot of more, but still some other companies deliver good news but if you will analyze there are majority of the reports are negative.

Let see how I see the other side of the negative situations brought up by the media platforms I mentioned above.

When we seek deeper on what is happening in our world, we can see how many big companies helping our environment to be greener. We can see how billionaires like Bill Gates travelling around the world to make an impact on helping needy people. I saw how Facebook created market for many businesses, connecting friends all over the world, gives entertainment, and a lot of more. I saw Christian churches donating charities and helping people’s lives.I saw simple man offered a seat to an old woman. I heard pastors and priest preaching goodness and good news on how God is good and loving. I saw a couple, loving and taking good care of their child. I saw motivational speakers speak for free for many audiences. I saw flowers bloom, rivers flowing, sun shines, clean water, clean air, and all the beauties of nature.

Therefore I know and I believe this world is a better place to live not only for today but for the future generation.

Living life in a mindful way is a good thing we can exercise on ourselves. Instead of looking into negative things that are happening in our environment, just pay attention on the positive sides of our life. Focus on your present moment and appreciate the beauty within our circle.

Change your thought and live a better life. A victorious life begins in our mind.

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Wish you all the goodness of this world. Let’s make a change for better!

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